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Man Van Biz blog with general information about moving, packing, man and van, and removals services. Valuable tips to get you prepared for a moving day.

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Assembling and disassembling flat-packed furniture

When getting ready to move house or office in London, the disassembly of flat-packed furniture may be required. When using out man and van service, there are various ways to make sure this process is as stress free and easy as possible.

First of all, it's usually easier to take furniture apart by following the assembly instructions in reverse. To ensure your assembly instructions are always easy to find, place them in poly pockets and tape them to the underside of the furniture. When fully taped, they won't hang down and no one will know the table, or other piece of furniture's assembly instructions are so close by.

If the instructions have already been lost it should be possible to find them on-line. Certain manufacturers provide PDF versions. However, even with the instructions, cheaper furniture like medium density fibreboard (MDF) or plywood likely won't survive being taken apart.

In case you can't source assembly instructions, here is a generalised version for most flat-packed furniture. The basic shape of almost all flat-packed furniture is that of a box. The base panel is panel one. A side panel is added, followed by a second then the top panel. If it has a back panel this will go on before an extra i.e. a door. So in reverse order it would be: the door (if it has one), back panel (if it has one), side panel, side panel, base. Obviously this won't work for every piece of flat-packed furniture; most notably beds. Also note that some self-assembly furniture may require more than one person to build it or dismantle it.

When successfully disassembled, all screws and the corresponding Alan Keys, if not required for other pieces of furniture, should be placed into a freezer bag which can then be taped to a piece of the furniture. Counting the screws as they are bagged can help to avoid problems when it comes time to rebuild the piece.

Moving home or office can be a stressful time, whether you are going just a few streets or all the way across London. With these tips your flat-packed furniture won't add to your stress. We can help make the rest of the move as stress free as possible. Contact us get your FREE QUOTE, please click the following link and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

Posted on 2020/06/19 by

Colour Code Your Moving Boxes

As a way to make your moving day much easier and more stress free consider colour coding your boxes. A simple stripe of colour ensures your boxes are placed in the correct rooms and doesn't take up time whilst people read labels. At a glance you can see if this is a box for the kitchen or the bedroom. You can even tell what order the boxes should be opened in.

An idea of a colour coded system might have yellow for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom, green for the garden, black for one of the bedrooms, pink for another bedroom and so on. In a colour coded system, you can also use no colour. For example, the boxes that don't have a room stripe on them are all for the living room.

You can use colour codes to designate a box's importance too. If your breakfast things are in a box with a yellow stripe (for the kitchen) and you add a red stripe beside the yellow, you've just indicated this is one of the important kitchen boxes and should be opened first. Whilst it is tempting to think all boxes are important, you should only mark the ones you'll really need to open as soon as possible.

You can use paint, stickers or even crayons to colour code your boxes. They're not works of art; it's just an easy system to make sure everything ends up in the right place. Oh and if you happen to have the brightest, most colourful moving day in London, then great! Just think how easy it will be to put everything away when you get to your new home or office.

If you do decide to colour code your boxes, just remember to tell the removal men the code.

Posted on 2020/04/17 by

Getting the most out of your man with a van in London

Now that you've decided to hire a man with a van to help you move house or office, it is important to do a little forward planning to ensure you get the best service you can. Obviously you don’t want to pay for their first time longer than is necessary, so you should consider things like rush hour traffic when you book. Certain parts of London are always busy, but other parts are only busy only at certain times.

You should consider the routes you will take to get to your destination. Your driver may have his own opinions on this and you can discuss this on the day. Forward thinking can help you avoid traffic build ups, roads closures and even, if possible, any congestion charges that might occur.

You should know the best place for him to park at both the start location and the destination you are going to. Remember that heavy furniture will be carried to and in from the van, so parking as close as possible is advisable. Remember also that somewhere that seems a suitable parking place at one time or on one day, might be completely unsuitable on another. It’s very important to be aware of this factor as the suitability of parking can alter throughout the course of the same day.

It is a good idea to talk with your neighbours beforehand and ask them to keep the space you have chosen clear on the day of the move. You might also want to check that paths are clear of obstacles. If you share a garden with a neighbour who has a dog, they might want to keep the dog indoors.

These are all good ways to get the most out of your man with a van. But the best way is to get a man with a van from us. Send us a message, and we can discuss what you need.

To get your FREE QUOTE, please click the following link and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

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How to choose PROFESSIONAL MAN and VAN company

Have you selected the date of your move?

The next step for 3-4 weeks before moving on is to find the right man with a van company.

We are looking for MAN and Van companies involved in your area.

Where you can safely look for a Man and Van London company?

  • Friends recommendation
  • Phone book
  • Local newspaper
  • Corporate Website

These above-mentioned sources require companies to provide address information, as well as banking, so we consider it generally considered safe, although nowadays it is very easy to make a website, so try to avoid websites for whom "the company" gives the only mobile number.

Take into account not only price, but also the type of services and the degree to which the company is responsible.

Do not trust companies which:

  • Which do not give the address of the company.
  • Offer their services for very, very cheap ( in 99% additional costs will apply for - mileage, fuel, etc.)
  • Who provide only mobile numbers
  • Are not registered
  • Do not have a license
  • Does not offer insurance for goods transported

The following points will help you choose the right MAN AND VAN company:

  • We recommend to find a company that is close to your move, you have a guarantee they will be on time and mostly local companies have cheaper deal.
  • Reject the tenders submitted by phone: there is a risk that the company will provide additional cost of their services.
  • It is better to order a service directly on company web page, then you can see what, and how much you pay and what services you request, is also often offered a discount if you order on-line. You will also receive email confirmation with all details of your move, that will be your contract.
  • Make sure that the company has good references, often to the website you can see customer reviews.
  • Read the agreement carefully and make sure they include the route starting and ending, date and the total cost of the service.
  • Insurance of your goods: get information about insurance, which has a company and what are the possibilities of its extension. Many small man and van companies on the site does not have a good insurance because it is very expensive, then offer insurance as an additional cost to move.
  • Confirm the price of the service (should pay attention to whether it includes VAT, so that did not surprise us at the time of payment), and the details of what has been bought for the price.
  • Supervise the loading and unloading of your goods, it is advisable not to leave the vehicle unattended open, someone passing by the vehicle might steal something.
  • Objects of great value: it is recommended that the owner personally took up the packing and transport.
  • Do not pack money, jewellers, etc.
  • Before moving is good to book a parking space in front of premises. Ensure that the driver can park in a location to avoid additional cost for bad parked vehicle.
  • Check whether the MAN AND VAN company guarantees you a place in the cab when the will transport your belongings.

In closing, I encourage you to share thoughts and experiences about companies and services in the MAN AND VAN industry.

Posted on 2019/12/14 by

Planning your move in London

There are a lot of things to consider when moving house or office in London. In the weeks before the move, limit your grocery shop and use up the contents of your fridge and freezer. Defrost the freezer at least 24 hours before the man with the van arrives to pick them up. The water needs to be drained from the freezer and other appliances such as washing machines and dish washers. Book your moving company online.

If there is any garden equipment, like lawn mowers, to move then the petrol should be drained from them and they should be allowed time to dry out. Paint needs to be in leak proof containers. Certain items are so visible that they seem to disappear and are easily forgotten about. For example, if you are taking the shades from your ceiling lights with you remember to pack them.

Plan your arrival at your new house as much as you plan leaving the old one. Obviously it's beneficial to have your carpets fitted and rooms painted before you go if possible, but take time to think through every element of your arrival. Where will the driver park the van you hire? How far is it from the parking place to your new house? If you are moving into a flat, is there an elevator and does it work? Also consider the time you will arrive. If you have only viewed your new house at night, it's best to go during the day to see what the streets are like. Many areas of London change completely out with office hours.

Lastly, consider your evening meal. It might be best to eat out or order in on the night of your move. And remember to pack what you'll need for breakfast the next morning near the top of the boxes.

So with all this in mind and if your plans made, please send us a message to see how we can help you get to your new home as smoothly and easily as possible.

Posted on 2019/10/18 by

Tips for pet owners when moving in London

Moving in London can be a difficult time for a pet owner and their pet. With dogs and cats you don't want them underfoot, so it might be best to have a friend watch them or contact a boarding kennel. There are plenty of kennels across London. Check prices for your house move with Man Van Biz


Here are some handy hints for owners of other pets:

If you have a large fish tank your fish should be placed in a smaller bowl and your large tank drained prior to the move. The fish can go to a family member or neighbour and the tank can easily go in the van with the rest of your furniture.

If you have pet birds they should be the last thing you move to your new home. This ensures a shorter time for the bird to be moved, diminishing its stress, and means you won't have to leave the bird alone in your new home. The bird should be moved in a travel case, which you can get from most pet stores or vets, and you should have a new cage set up ready when you get to your destination.

Reptile owners have a whole different set of problems to overcome. If you have snakes, feeding them the day before the move will make them much calmer during the move itself. You can buy nylon bags to put your reptiles in, or use an old pillow-case that is well washed without any conditioner. Put crumpled newspaper in the bag and put the bag in storage boxes, remember to add air holes! When you get to your new home leave the snakes or lizards overnight in a warm room to settle them in.

If you are a snake or spider owner, please mention that you have snakes or spiders to move when you get in touch. It's much better for everyone if you hire a man with a van who doesn't have a snake or arachnid related phobia.

Posted on 2019/08/18 by