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How to choose professional man and van company?

Take into account not only price, but also the type of services and the degree to which the company is responsible.

Blog - How to choose professional man and van company?

Have you selected the date of your move?

The next step for 3-4 weeks before moving on is to find the right man with a van company.

We are looking for MAN and Van companies involved in your area.

Where you can safely look for a Man and Van London company?

  • Friends recommendation
  • Phone book
  • Local newspaper
  • Corporate Website

These above-mentioned sources require companies to provide address information, as well as banking, so we consider it generally considered safe, although nowadays it is very easy to make a website, so try to avoid websites for whom "the company" gives the only mobile number.

Do not trust companies which:

  • Which do not give the address of the company.
  • Offer their services for very, very cheap ( in 99% additional costs will apply for - mileage, fuel, etc.)
  • Who provide only mobile numbers
  • Are not registered
  • Do not have a license
  • Does not offer insurance for goods transported

The following points will help you choose the right MAN AND VAN company:

  • We recommend to find a company that is close to your move, you have a guarantee they will be on time and mostly local companies have cheaper deal.
  • Reject the tenders submitted by phone: there is a risk that the company will provide additional cost of their services.
  • It is better to order a service directly on company web page, then you can see what, and how much you pay and what services you request, is also often offered a discount if you order on-line. You will also receive email confirmation with all details of your move, that will be your contract.
  • Make sure that the company has good references, often to the website you can see customer reviews.
  • Read the agreement carefully and make sure they include the route starting and ending, date and the total cost of the service.
  • Insurance of your goods: get information about insurance, which has a company and what are the possibilities of its extension. Many small man and van companies on the site does not have a good insurance because it is very expensive, then offer insurance as an additional cost to move.
  • Confirm the price of the service (should pay attention to whether it includes VAT, so that did not surprise us at the time of payment), and the details of what has been bought for the price.
  • Supervise the loading and unloading of your goods, it is advisable not to leave the vehicle unattended open, someone passing by the vehicle might steal something.
  • Objects of great value: it is recommended that the owner personally took up the packing and transport.
  • Do not pack money, jewellers, etc.
  • Before moving is good to book a parking space in front of premises. Ensure that the driver can park in a location to avoid additional cost for bad parked vehicle.
  • Check whether the MAN AND VAN company guarantees you a place in the cab when the will transport your belongings.

In closing, I encourage you to share thoughts and experiences about companies and services in the MAN AND VAN industry.

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